Top 10 life insurance companies In USA

Life insurance is become a necessity of life nowadays, where peoples are facing different issues and diseases. Life insurance is really helpful in fighting against these difficulties. A solid and good life insurance policy acts like an umbrella in the rain for you. For your ease, we have created a list of Top 10 life insurance companies in the USA, so you can easily choose the best life insurance company for you.

1.  Northwestern Mutual Life insurance company:

Northwestern Mutual is the best award-winning life insurance company in the USA. It is well-known for providing affordable coverage to its customers. Northwestern Mutual has achieved the highest financial ratings of all time due to its outstanding customer support and variety of life insurance products. By choosing Northwestern Mutual you can accommodate your full planning needs. It is the number one life insurance company according to the JD Power & Associates for the last five years consecutively. It is offering its services throughout the USA with a very low complaint ration and high satisfaction of members.

2.  New York Life insurance company:

New York Life insurance company is a potential competitor of Northwestern Mutual because both of these companies are very similar in many ways. NYLife insurance company is also offering affordable plans to peoples with high financial and customer satisfaction ratings. New York Life insurance company has owned the Cash Value Coverage award for its tremendous products right and ability for full financial planning. NYLife owned NYLAARP which is a life insurance program of AARP. It is currently the largest mutual insurance company in the USA which has paid approximately $2 billion in dividends to its members.

3.  MassMutual (Massachusetts Mutual) Life insurance company:

MassMutual is one of the top three life insurance companies in the USA. MassMutual is well-known for providing different Non-medical products to its customers. The user of MassMutual life insurance company can enjoy full financial planning, investments with the unparalleled versatility. MassMutual Life insurance policy is secure and safe in comparison with other life insurance companies. There is a very high possibility to earn dividends for the members of MassMutual.

4.  Pacific Life Insurance:

Pacific life Insurance is at number 4 in the list of Top 10 life insurance companies in the USA. Pacific Life insurance provides two types of term life insurance. With Level-Premium, there will be no change in the annual price of the entire term. This kind of term life is available for different durations such as 10, 20, 40, or 50 years. The second type of term life is annual renewable term life in which price increased annually. This term life can be renewed annually. Pacific Life provides long-term benefits to its members with the whole life insurance for the businesses. Pacific life insurance has a remarkable customer support and complaint solving system.

5.  Guardian Life Insurance:

Guardian life insurance offers two kinds of insurance options to its customers. The first one is Term life insurance in which Guardian offers policies for 10-30 years. It is very easy to select this life insurance option, just go to the website and get an estimated quote. The second type of Life insurance option is permanent life insurance which includes whole life insurance. The whole life insurance policy includes a whole life survivorship policy. This policy is also known as Guardian EstateGuard. Guardian Life insurance has a very unique feature that offers life insurance policies to those healthy peoples who are suffering from HIV (AIDS). The people of ages between 20-60 years can avail of this option.

6.  Principle Financial:

Principle Financial was founded back in 1879. It offers a variety of life insurance products to the customer. Customers can choose both term and permanent life insurance by getting estimated quotes from the website. Principle Financial offers term life insurance in the range of 10-30 years which is convertible to permanent life insurance. It also offers permanent life insurance of four types, Universal, Indexed Universal, Variable Universal, and Survivorship. Principle Financial has the best customer satisfaction and communication.

7.  Penn Mutual Life insurance:

Penn Mutual is policyholders owned life insurance company which means that the customers run the company by buying different life insurance plans and when the company got profit, the customers will get a share in dividends. Penn Mutual has a wide national network of financial advisors. So, if you want to get Penn Mutual Life insurance policy, then contact your local financial advisor of Penn Mutual.

8.  State Farm Life Insurance:

State Farm is a private insurance company that was only known for auto insurance, but it is selling other kinds of insurance policies also including life insurance. State Farm Insurance offers different life insurance plans like permanent and term life insurance plans. State Farm is working in almost all states of the USA. The coverage amount of life insurance in State Farm is starting from $100000. People can buy life insurance policies according to their age. Normally, the life insurance period ranges from 10-30 years in State Farm.

9.  Lincoln Financial Group Life Insurance:

Lincoln Life insurance company is another best life insurance company that working in almost all states of the USA. Getting a term life insurance policy in Lincoln Financial Group Life insurance is easy, just call the helpline number and attend a short interview, the term insurance policy is yours. People can qualify quickly for the term insurance without any time-consuming lab tests. Lincoln Financial offers survivorship life insurance options for two peoples, typically married peoples based on one policy.

10.              Securian Financial Life insurance company:

Securian Financial was formerly known as Minnesota Life Insurance. This company has a remarkable market share. At present, it has approximately $1 trillion in ongoing life insurance policies. Securian Financial has a very good financial strength with a high customer satisfaction rate and consumer complaints. Securian Financial Life insurance provides three kinds of different life insurance policies named Fixed universal life, Indexed Universal Life, and Variable universal life. People can choose the best one according to their requirements and budget.

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