Top 10 Health Insurance Companies in USA

As health risks are constantly increasing in the form of different diseases and other medical emergencies, a good health insurance company will let you free from all the worries related to your health. For your ease and convenience, we have summarized Top 10 Health Insurance companies in the USA (United States of America). So, take a look at them and choose the best health insurance policy for you.

1.  Kaiser Permanente:

Kaiser Permanente is the top health insurance company that is certified and awarded by JD Power for its brilliant services and customer support. Kaiser Permanente has secured 84 points out of 100 in ratings, which really a remarkable achievement. The plan renewal ration of Kaiser Permanente is 92%. Kaiser Permanente provides its services in the main States of the USA such as California, Georgia, Washington DC, and Colorado. It offers four different health insurance plans to its customers naming Platinum, Silver, Gold, and Bronze. Kaiser Permanente offers has employed approximately 22,000 doctors for the services of its customers.

2.  Blue Cross Blue Shield

BCBS is the USA based international health insurance company that is offering its services in many countries of the world. A.M. Best has rated BCBS in the “A” category. With different health insurance plans, BCBS also offering different health insurance-related accounts such as FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and Health Saving Account (HSA). Customers can use both these accounts to pay their medical bills and other health-related expenses. BCBS has a very vast health insurance network.

3.  United Healthcare

United Healthcare offers its all the services completely online and at the doorsteps of the customers, that is why it got the “A” category in from financial A.M Best. UHC has a complete online working interface in the form of a straightforward website and mobile app. Customer can choose their desired health insurance plans by only clicking a button. UHC also offers online consultation with the doctors and physicians. United Healthcare is also working with other well-known organizations on the projects of peoples rehabilitation like quit smoking or hearing aids etc. UHC is offering both FSA and HSA accounts.

4.  Aetna:

Aetna is one of the Top 10 health insurance companies in the USA which works and offers its services approximately throughout the USA. Aetna got a brilliant appreciation from A.M. Best and 5-star ratings from JD Powers and Associates. According to a survey, 80% of people in the USA have recommended Aetna health insurance policies to their friends and loved ones. Aetna offers flexible and exciting plans to its customer with the facility of Health Savings Accounts. People Wellness plans is another brilliant feature of Aetna in which it offers different people wellness plant to its customers such as Weight loss programs and Gym membership.

5.  Cigna:

Cigna is a very well famous health insurance brand that is operated approximately throughout the world including the USA. Presently, Cigna is offering its services in 10 main states of the USA including Arizona, Utah, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. It has a certified “A” rating from A.M. Best. Cigna has developed a complete online health insurance system through which the customers can book their appointments with doctors and get consultation form health officials. Cigna is providing many other health-related facilities to its customers such as discount programs, medicine home delivery, and other health-related essentials.

6.  Anthem, Inc.:

Anthe is another top health insurance company in the USA has 6.1% of the market share. Anthem is committed to improving the lives of peoples and making healthcare simpler. Up till now, Anthem has served approximately 78 million of peoples with its valuable and health-friendly plans. Among these 78 million peoples, 41 million peoples have purchased different family plans. Anthem provides both individual and group insurance plans which start from basic and go up to comprehensive. Anthem is launching some other health-related products by joint ventures with health-related organizations such as different dental products and medicines etc.

7.  Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC):

HCSC is one of the largest mutual legal reserve and customer-owned companies. It has approximately 16 million members and customers throughout the USA. It is operating in five states of the USA with its 60 local offices and 23,000 employs. It is working in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Montana, and Illinois. HCSC is offering a wide range of health-related produces by affiliation with some large health-related groups in the USA such as Dearborn Group and Dental Network of America. HCSC owns 3.4% shares in the market.

8.  Centene Corp:

Centene Corp is another member of our list of top 10 health insurance companies in the USA. It is a diversified and multinational health care insurance company whose motto is the improvement of the health of people. Centene Corp has launched different health-related programs with the sponsorship of the government, focusing on uninsured and underinsured individuals. Centene Corp is working in 32 states of the USA and the top three international markets of the world. Centene Corp is providing different health-related benefits to its members such as behavioral health benefits, dental health benefits, and pharmacy health benefits. Centene Corp owns 3.3% shares in the market.

9.  WellCare:

WellCare health insurance company is providing health assistance to people of all ages. WellCare is focusing on government-sponsored managed care services to individuals, families, children, and senior citizens. WellCare is providing different health-related benefits to its members such as Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. WellCare has secured 1.9% shares in the market. It has approximately 7 million members up till now.

10.              Molina Healthcare, Inc.:

Molina Healthcare insurance company is offering health-related services to both individuals and families. The company has very strong sponsorship from the government and it is providing a wide range of quality healthcare services to individuals and families. Molina Healthcare health insurance company is working in all big states of the USA, including New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Michigan, and Florida. Molina Healthcare Inc health insurance company has owned 1.7% shares of the market.

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