Top 10 car insurance companies in USA

1.  Geico

Geico is at the top of our list of Top 10 Car insurance companies in the United States (USA). Geico is the just best option for car drivers because it provides a very low rate consistently. Geico car insurance company has got the best ratings in A.M financial rating having a very high market share (13.8%) in the USA. Recently, J.D. Power has rated Geico with 3-star. It is just phenomenal that this car insurance company is providing its services to up to 40,000 peoples in all over the USA. This car insurance company is also best for minimal amount coverages without charging extra expensive.

2.  Allstate

Allstate is the second-best car insurance company on our list. It was launched back in 1931. Allstate provides best customer support services throughout the USA. Allstate is another car insurance company that is highly ranked in J.D. Power US. This company is providing its services throughout 50 states of the USA without any difficulties. The customer can choose and buy different plans online by using Allstate android application and Allstate Website. Allstate provides exciting discounts to new drivers on their first sign up with current models or old cars.

3.  Progressive

Progressive is well-known for providing the best coverage options to the new and experienced drivers. The customer can get any kind of information related to the insurance plans of Progressive by its simple and straightforward online interface. Progressive provides a very exciting online option named as “Name Your Price” Tool. By using this tool, the customer can get a complete range of plans which are affordable according to the budget of the customer. Progressive has got a 3-star ranking from J.D. Powers. US Auto insurance study has also allotted a very high ranking to the Progressive Car Insurance company.

4.  Auto-Owners Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance has got the 4th spot in our list of Top 10 car insurance companies in the US 2020. This car insurance company is very well reputed for providing exciting offers and discounts to the car owners. Auto-Owners Insurance provides its services in approximately 26 states of the USA with 4.5 stars in NerdWallet ratings. Auto-Owners Insurance provides all kinds of necessary and indispensable coverages. These coverages include liability, roadside accidents, and collisions, etc. By choosing Auto-Owners insurance, you can even get insurance for your rented car. This plan is named as Rental Car Insurance.

5.  Esurance

Esurance is another car owner-friendly insurance company with its elegant online interface and easy to use website. Esurance is currently working in 43 states of the USA, providing all kinds of necessary car insurance coverages such as Emergency road assistance and Gap Coverage, etc. Esurance provides money for different regular car maintenances. For example, it provides 75$ monthly to its customer for towing, tire changing, or other services according to the policy of coverage. Esurance provides the Rental Car insurance option also, it means you can get insurance claim if your rental car is stolen. This feature is really exciting.

6.  Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is one of the largest car insurance companies in the US and working around for over 100 years in the USA. The Average 6-mont premium of Liberty Mutual is $627 with a tremendous market share (5%). Liberty mutual is not only present in the USA, but it is also operational in 17 other countries. The customer can get information about any kind of offering related to car insurance plans by using helpline. Liberty Mutual has a very large network of its local brokers and representatives which are available 24/7 for the services of the customers. Liberty Mutual holds a 3-star rating in JD Power ratings.

7.  Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance company has started its journey from providing insurance to rural former vehicles but now it is amongst Top 10 car Insurance companies in the USA. Farmer Insurance company has 4 out of 5-star rating in ValuePenguin Editor’s rating. At present, Farmers insurance company has approximately 19 million policies that are ongoing in 50 states of the USA. It is a remarkable achievement. It offers a variety of coverage plans to car owners and drivers throughout the country. Farmers Insurance company holds 5% of shares of the insurance market in the USA.

8.  Nationwide:

Nationwide is well known for offering standard car insurance coverages at very affordable premiums. This car insurance company is best for those people who have an average monthly income. Up till now, Nationwide has paid approximately $20 billion in claims and other benefits to its customers. Nationwide is working in all 50 states of the USA with a motto of “On Your Side”. Nationwide owns 3% shares of the Car insurance market of the USA. Nationwide recommends getting annual checkups for awareness from different new discounts and policies to keep premium study and coverage adequate.

9.  Travelers

Travelers is 160 years old car insurance company and have a legacy among all other insurance companies. Travelers is the first car and auto insurance company who has introduced its auto-related insurance policy back in 1897. Now, Travelers owns 2% shares in the insurance market having a 3-star JD Power rating. Travelers car insurance company has over 30,000 employees. It also has over 14000 independent agents and brokers not only in the US but also in other countries such as Canada and Brazil. Travelers have an exciting feature in the form of the IntelliDrive app. This app monitors your driving behavior through your smartphone. By Adopting good driving habits, you can even save 20% of your annual premiums with this fabulous application.

10.              American Family

American Family insurance company was established back in 1903 and now owns 2% market shares in the insurance market. American family holds 4-star ratings in JD Power and ValuePenguin Editor’s. American Family is well-known for its extensive discount catalog. American Family insurance is very much affordable for those people who have an average monthly income. American family insurance company provides all kinds of necessary car insurance coverage options such as roadside safety, Stealing, or any other damage according to the company policy.

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